About Us

Once Upon A Time... Our Story

Print materials and promotional marketing materials have always been relevant for any business to brand themselves and to get their word out. If you are the busy marketing executive of a reputed firm, you have probably known the difficulties in getting that important brochure designed and printed before the upcoming client meeting. Or if you are a designer or print service provider, you have definitely experienced all the challenges associated with delivering quality work to your clients on time and budget.

Innovation in the printing and publishing industry is strongly driven by technology!

The inspiration from such an idea led our founder, Leejo Joseph, to create a unique marketplace solution for the printing and designing industry- Inktouch! During his days as the head of operations at Dubai's 3rd largest printing, publishing and packaging firm and as the CEO of its subsidiary groups, Leejo realized how a disruptive solution like Inktouch can revolutionize the printing industry, where heritage limits the opportunities to innovate.

The realities begged the question; "Why not create a tailor-made, all-in-one solution that unites the design and printing aspects of the industry?"

If an Idea Does Not Exist, Do Not Wait, Create It!

And that's exactly what we did.

Inktouch, thus born, leverages the modern technologies to make online designing and printing convenient, easy and organized for businesses, vendors, and you, our customers. We aim to revolutionize the way service is imparted in the Printing, Designing and Advertising industry so that all of you can celebrate the existence of Inktouch.

Know More about Inktouch

Inktouch is the world's foremost powerful and innovative Marketplace solution catering to the printing, designing, and advertising industry. We bring together world's finest service providers, industry-specific technologies, and premium products - all under one single roof, to connect you to a smart, reliable and cost-effective network of print purchase options.

Inktouch is a unique blend of critical customized plug-ins, technologies, phenomenal products and highly specialized vendors from the global printing industry. We are a gateway to local and international printing services, where you can reach a range of highly skilled and prestigious vendors to get your ideas designed, printed and executed.

Our Vision

We aim to eliminate all the chaos in a traditional model of printing business related to handling multiple vendors, disparate prices, middlemen charges, and quality compromise to provide you an easy and transparent ordering and delivery process. Even in this digital age, there are sectors where technology hasn't spread its magic. We are here to reinvent the traditional model of printing and designing industry with modern technology and possibilities to create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Our vision is simple, to see happy customers, vendors, and partners in the industry, celebrating and cherishing our idea, Every-Single-Day!