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A Poster is the smartest way to arrange your images and text in the confines of a rectangular paper, glued onto walls to strike the reader's mind.

Posters are eye-catching, informative and logical ways to communicate or advertise to a particular target market. A relevant and interesting poster located on the way of your target audience can possibly convert a passerby into a sales lead. Our ready-to-buy poster products come in different sizes of 90 GSM artpaper, in case you need to hurry with a particular poster design.

These are posters of the size 58.5x48.5 cm, available on a range of materials and finishes and printed on one side and left blank on the back, for affixing onto a wall or other surface.

Inktouch offers almost all category of printing, if you can imagine it, we'll print it. Just in case you can't find the category/format you are looking for, contact us and we shall correctly direct you. Also, for us its about 100% client satisfaction, else our refund policy has got you covered. There are absolutely no hidden charges or false promises. So why wait?

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