Multi Paper Magazine

Did you know? The word "Magazine" is derived from the Arabic word 'Makhazin' meaning "storehouse" or a collection of relates stuff bundled together in a package.

Multi-paper Magazines allow you to publish your magazine requirement in a cost efficient way without compromising the aesthetics of your publication. Here, we make use of two or more different types of papers suiting the content present in your magazine. Art papers are used mainly for pages involving lot of images while maplitho papers are used for pages involving a lot of textual content.

Uses: For advertising, entertainment, to spread and distribute knowledge, current affairs etc.

Inktouch offers almost all category of printing, if you can imagine it, we'll print it. Just in case you can't find the category/format you are looking for, contact us and we shall correctly direct you. Also, for us its about 100% client satisfaction, else our refund policy has got you covered. There are absolutely no hidden charges or false promises. So why wait?

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